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No, wiping a user's device is NOT an Anti-Piracy measure.

If you follow the Android modding scene, you you might have heard that Project Elixir has added a check that wipes a user's device if they enable any Supporters-Only features.

^ Said screenshot.

If we break it down, this really does exactly what it says on the tin: check whether elexir_exclusive_build is set, and if so, trigger the factory reset intent.

I didn't think I'd have to explain this, but this is not okay, and the Project Elixir team should be ashamed for this. User data is the very thing that people are trusting you with when they install your software, putting such a “feature” into your ROM inherently breaks that trust between you and your users, and makes them forever weary of anything you publish. You have forever ruined your image, without ever having the ability to repair it, just because you were so stubborn to believe that it was your data that you controlled when calling the factory reset intent.

Do not trust Project Elixir. Never again.

They have abused your trust.

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Background: Emily Bernal